Putting PEOPLE and PRIORITIES Before Politics


Why I’m Running

As a veteran and former Licensed Professional Counselor in mental health, service was one of my highest values. I have become horrified by what I have witnessed happening in the NC legislature over the past 4 years and must do whatever is in my ability to do to restore the government of NC back to the people who it should serve. I pledge to do everything I can to serve you, your family, and our community. I will listen to your concerns and work tirelessly to make District 77 and North Carolina a place you can once again LOVE to call home.

Government is supposed to be FOR THE PEOPLE and by the people and comprised OF the people. As one of the people who no longer believes North Carolina’s legislature represents me or the people in my community and home state, I believe I must do what I am able to do to step up and undertake my civic duty and take responsibility for returning our government back into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. The current legislature has made life harder for the working families, farmers, small business owners, and students of North Carolina. The current legislature has cut funding for public schools, passed unnecessary and hateful laws like HB2 which jeopardized our economy, refused to take action to protect our air and water from harmful pollution, and is now trying to change our NC Constitution in ways that will hurt us for generations to come.

As a veteran, born and raised in NC and now living my dream as a farmer, I will not rest until we create ways for family farms to thrive once again, and I believe we can do that by raising hemp and decriminalizing cannabis. As a self-employed business owner, I am committed to returning NC to common sense governance and reducing onerous regulations, and creating policy that supports economic growth for all North Carolinians. As a tax paying citizen, I will work hard to change the way NC has been allowing huge corporations to rape our environment and force us to pay the bill for cleaning up their toxic waste and our water, air, and earth.


As a concerned citizen who has lived in NC beginning in 1955, I enjoyed a wonderful public education, but witnessed that my brother, who is only 5 years younger than me, not get the quality of education in NC that I enjoyed. Public education is a critically important human need that the current legislature has disregarded. Until NC begins to treat our educators as we would any valuable profession and pay them a living wage with full health and pension benefits, we cannot attract or keep quality teachers. Teachers now have to spend their own money for supplies and teaching materials for their students, and many are also supplementing the nutritional needs of their students, and/or having to work more than one job to afford to pay their own bills. I believe that if a teacher is facing economic hardships, working additional jobs, and witnessing the unmet needs of students, it will be very difficult to retain quality educators. I am committed to creating policy and a budget allocation that will pay teachers a professional salary with adequate benefits to be effective in teaching our young North Carolinians. It is folly to think we can attract businesses to NC that will create better economic opportunities for our citizens when our school systems are ranked near the bottom of the nation’s school system rankings.

Our children deserve the materials required to learn effectively and to have small enough class sizes to get the individual attention many students require. Our children deserve to have quality public education which requires professional educators who can focus upon addressing the needs of their students effectively, and not be exhausted from the stress of not being able to support themselves and their values. Our future leaders must have adequate nutrition on a daily basis in order to grow healthy and learn the important lessons of our world. We owe it to ourselves, our state, and our future to care about the less fortunate and provide a safety net to protect our most vulnerable children AND our future leaders.

It is easy to issue and repeat seductive sound bites, and to generate the emotional energy to persuade an audience; however, We The People deserve common sense governance from committed service oriented leaders who will have the courage to stand for values and ideals upon which our nation and our state were founded. We need the wisdom of age, the values of our common benefits and shared struggles, and the vision and innovation to move into the future without harming vulnerable people. I am a leader with courage and can stand for what you and our community needs, in the face of big business greed and the mudslinging it can pay for to prevent We The People from serving in government FOR THE PEOPLE.


I will work for you and to address your concerns. I plan to make all people welcome in North Carolina, and take necessary steps to prove that our state is open for business. I will work to protect our natural resources, from our beautiful mountains to our glorious coast. I will do all that is necessary to prevent fracking and create viable economic options right here in District 77. I will work to develop our rural economy in ways that will make our children want to stay in our area, knowing they can afford to raise their family without the struggles we have been facing for so long, and that their children will benefit from a quality education.

I stand for all of us and want to unite NC based upon our common needs and goals as a people. We all want and deserve safe housing. We all want our families to enjoy nutritious food and affordable and accessible healthcare. If we work together to focus upon what we all share in terms of needs, wants, and goals, we can stop the divisive power plays that would keep dividing us based upon artificial labels that do not help us know one another, while they do help corporations stay in control of our government.