Putting PEOPLE and PRIORITIES Before Politics


Ana Tampana

I have known Bonnie for several years. She is a woman of high standards ethically and demonstrates consistent integrity.  There are many reasons she would make a good representative in the NC House, among them:

  1. She has great business sense. She knows where and how to invest money and is future oriented when it comes to her own farm and North Carolina agriculture. She has won business awards and supports different professional groups, veterans, youth, and farm-related businesses.
  2. She treats people fairly and believes that all people deserve fair treatment.
  3. She is committed to education and personal development.
  4. She is sensitive to environmental concerns and applies good environmental practices on her farm.
  5. She wants to see North Carolina thrive and grow, attracting opportunities instead of repelling them.

Having Bonnie in the House of Representatives would be a genuine asset for the people of North Carolina.

- Ana Tampana

Patricia Barber

Bonnie is the type of person we want on our team. She is a steadfast advocate of human rights, equality, better educational opportunities and a clean healthy environment. Bonnie Clark will stand with us while she stands for us.

- Patricia Barber

Kaytlin Stead

"I have known Bonnie for several years and have experienced her compassion for all people. Her generosity to go above and beyond what it takes to be a leader is unprecedented. Her integrity is pure, her respect for equal rights for each person is what we need. Her determination to move North Carolina forward in the right direction is her passion. Bonnie is who we need to represent us in North Carolina without a doubt."

- Kaytlin Stead

Darryl and family

As Bonnie’s cousin, I am glad to see that she is running for election to the NC House of Representatives!  Bonnie has always had a passion to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons! Bonnie comes from a family that has had some wise debaters from both sides of the political spectrum, and that should serve her well in finding common ground. I sincerely wish Bonnie all the best and hope she is elected to represent her district 77 in the NC House of Representatives. 

- Darryl Clark


I have known Bonnie Clark for over 50 yrs. She is a hardworking person with the highest integrity. As a former naval officer she lives the values the military instills. As an entrepreneur she is innovative and knows small businesses make this country run. She is an outstanding candidate deserving of your vote.

- Don Marcari

(the real US Navy JAG from a "Few Good Men")

Jennifer Joplin

I met Bonnie at a Veteran's Administration PTSD residential treatment for veterans in the summer of 2015, where she showed genuine care for the veterans in the program. We became friends during this time and still are to this day. Since meeting Bonnie, she has always been there to support me whenever I needed it. She has helped in ways that have given me insight into myself. As a elected Official I know she would care for the community she represents, as she has for the veterans she has helped.

- Jennifer Joplin

Patricia L. Davis

I have known Bonnie Clark since 1977. We served in the US Navy together, the best Navy in the world. I was enlisted and she was an officer. Bonnie was a dedicated and compassionate leader. Her "can do" spirit and care for her people inspired effort and top performance from the people she led. Bonnie Clark has always been motivated by a deep concern for others and a passion for justice.

- Patricia L. Davis